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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs   

  Individual Therapy    

We set individualized music therapy goals and objectives with each client and are constantly assessing those goals.  A music therapist will work on speech, motor, cognitive, and communication development as well as sensory integration and emotional regulation through music therapy interventions.

1 Hour Session: $100

45 Minute Session: $80

30 Minute Session: $65


We offer music therapy groups for special needs of all ages, as well as typical children.  We have developmental music groups as well as mother and child groups.  It's a great way to work on social skills, speech, communication, educational skills and motor development through singing, dancing, playing instruments, listening and taking turns with peers.

$50 per person 

Adapted Music Lessons    

Our music therapists offer adapted music lessons that are adapted for specific needs and taught by board certified music therapists.  Instruments taught are piano, singing, guitar, ukulele, violin, and music theory.  We use color charts and other therapeutic methods to adapt the lessons to each client's level.

1 Hour Adapted Lesson: $100

45 Minute Adapted Lesson: $80

30 Minute Adapted Lesson: $65

  Facility Contracting   

Our music therapists are currently contracting with facilities such as group homes, hospice associations and care centers providing music therapy services for more clients.  We offer in-facility group and individual music therapy.

1 Hour Group at Facility: $150

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